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WHY MAJITHIA MASALA ? - Experience and Expertise – Our Strength

As a CEO of the company, Shri. Milan Majithia has accumulated vast and versatile experience during his rich professional career. With experience of more than twenty years in the development of basic and blended spices Shri. Milan has been handling marketing and product planning for over twenty years. He has managed fast growing company and converted Majithia into a coveted household food products brand. He has successfully launched a wide spectrum of new products including 15g blended spice box, pickle masala, asafoetida, tea masala etc.

Mr. Majithia has personally managed production schedules and contingencies whenever the market situation deviates from the expected course. He is endowed with a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior with respect to the food habits, and has developed an uncanny knack to utilize it to create profitable brands.



Majithia Masala has world class infrastructure to meet high standard requirements of global market.

  • Company spread in 10800 Sq. Meters area.
  • It has a state-of-art technology and the finest machinery.
  • The unit has the capacity to match the best manufacturing process and standard in the industry.
  • A process of fumigation is being employed to keep the quality of the product intact and increase its shelf life.
  • The unit has a Cleaning and processing capacity of more than 20,000 kg. Per day. Marketing Achievements.
  • First to launch blended spice in 15g box pack in India keeping in mind “Eat Fresh Every Time” concept.
  • Sales support by giving attractive promotions, trade schemes etc to make the Majithia brand popular.
  • Company has more than 200 well trained sales staff to faster the growth every year.

Benefits of quality management systems

Quality management systems bring following benefits to the organization:

  • They improve competitiveness and reputation both at global and domestic market.
  • They provide an efficient and economical means of ensuring the satisfaction of customers’ requirement through all Stages, guaranteeing good design, reliable and safe performance, prompt delivery and efficient services they enhance customer confidence and credibility of the organization.
  • They create the base for continual total quality improvement.
  • They involve everyone essentially, from top managers to workers, and therefore are efficient vehicle for tqm (total quality management).

ISO Certification

Majithia Masala has obtain ISO 9001-2000 & 22000-2005 in year 2012-13.

ISO 9001 is the only available internationally accepted standard for quality management system in the world. Accreditation to iso 9001 standards is important in a competitive domestic market and to gain access to the global market.

ISO standards provide an assurance to the customers that the supplier has an adequate quality management system to meet the quality requirement consistently.

Certificate to ISO 9001 does not ensure an excellent product but it does ensure that a product of a certain quality will stay at the same level of quality. Thus, a customer is assured of consistency in quality.

ISO 9000 demands formal documented procedures for each and every activity which is likely to affect quality directly or indirectly. Documentation of procedures avoids misinterpretation and malpractices. It also serves references for additional future improvements.

Together with ISO 9001:2000 & 22000:2005 specifies the quality system requirements for the design/development, production, installation for food product.